How Does EFT Work?

When you tap on various meridian points in a certain sequence this, re-balances the energy flow which has been disrupted and is causing the unpleasant symptoms you are feeling. Focusing on the problem you want to tackle allows you to tune into the frequency of the disturbance in much the same way you tune into music on a radio.

Once you are focused on whatever your problem is, you then tap - or have your EFT practitioner tap - on specific points near the end of each meridian associated with the particular problem you are facing.

The tapping procedure acts to unblock that particular channel, allowing the energy to travel effectively again, thus correcting the problem.

What Makes EFT So Effective?

EFT has undoubted success, perhaps largely due to the fact that it treats both the conscious and subconscious mind, as well as the body. Often times, your subconscious mind can hang on to old beliefs which hinder and block your healing process, and EFT works to break down these beliefs so that you are no longer unwittingly sabotaging your attempts to heal and change.

Emotions and subconscious thoughts also play a huge role in people feeling pain, something that therapies other than EFT often fail to appreciate. Physical pain, as well as psychological trauma, fears, and phobias, can be healed through EFT.

Sometimes it may take several EFT sessions to effectively treat a problem, and often one session is sufficient, but long-term, EFT has a great success rate. It is a gentle, painless technique during which you should feel calm and in control, and afterwards, you should emerge feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Emotional Freedom Technique is something that you can easily and quickly learn to do for yourself, giving you a lifelong healing technique that you can use at will whenever you are in pain, feel fear or stress, or any number of other issues. And, once you have learned to apply EFT, which only takes a couple of minutes from start to finish, you can even use it to help your friends and family as well.

Download the Free EFT Mini-Manual and you will find out for yourself just how simple it is to learn EFT, and how you can start using it in minutes!

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